Artistic approach

"I paint for the joy of expressing myself, with no more pretense than the happiness it brings me" 

                                                                                               Sergio Aranda

Sergio Aranda - 1971 ( Switzerland )

From Spanish parents, but born and educated in Switzerland, I have lived mainly in Geneva, Barcelona, ​​Paris and currently I live in Madrid.

I am a jewelry designer ( and novel painter, art lover in all its facets.

It is my second nature and my art is a way of expressing my emotions and feelings.


Abstract art is a modern style that opposes realism or photography and therefore to my other profession the jewelry design.  Thus, it is necessary to use imagination and understanding beyond what logic gives us to admire an abstract painting or work. Dispense with all figurative elements, in order to concentrate the expressive force in shapes and colors without any relation to visual reality.

My work, is a decorative painting, made with acrylics and mixed media, finds its originality in the multiple interactions between the different textures and its palette colors.

Structure, strength, texture and contrasts allow each work to release its depth and become a pictorial "jewel".

Open your mind, listen with the pupils. Abstract art is an encounter with the senses that I propose.


Main Artistic Stages


( Learning and experimentation period )

I paint and experience the different styles of abstract art, mixed media

and all kinds of textures. and at the end of this first period I make the first collection

(Collection Li)


(Transition period with jewelry)

I include in all my works gold leaf or silver leaf, that serves as a thread

driver with the jewelry.

 (Collection Horizonto)


(Current period)

 I do my first industrial looking works. I include in each

one, metal oxides effects (Collection Oxidita Fera) and others that are inspired more by the world of upholstery (Collection Tapeto). Both collections are very decorative and appreciated by decorators and architecture studios.